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hLVENT Build V1.0.6a
Download x32 | Download x64

08/20/09 :: Another Minimal Update. I just finished up with some minor tweaking to the SFX coding and also added in the add/remove phantoms right click option (it was missed.) More updates soon ;}.

+SFX Errors with last build fixed, now should work properly.
+Added Add/Remove Phantoms option to your right click :}. It was missed, deeply.

hLVENT Build V1.0.5
Download x64 | Download x32

08/18/09 :: Another Minimal Update, I'm sorry if the production has been so slow lately! I've been tearing apart coding for the past few nights, and finally just wanted to release this fix for the many who were requesting it (and then I added a little *Easter Egg* for an ESEA admin I've come to despise. <3 Enjoy. Big BIG Changes Coming Soon, keep following!

+ Recompiled Vent again, fixing large MOTD Overlay.
+ Added Special FX For Users Again! I know this was a long time coming, but it finally works. :}.
+ Changed out some of the bugs in the SFX Screen, and made it a little easier to navigate.
+ Noted Overlay Bugs, I know about them, I'm planning on fixing them soon.
+ A Huge, FUCK You To ESEA Administrator BiGG.
+ Now with 4593 UNIQUE Downloads, Thank you for your support!

hLVENT Build V1.0.4
Download x32 | Download x64

08/07/09 :: Alas, I wanted to throw a few fixes your way, for the many bugs I had sent back to me during the last release! I didn't get to release the alpha version that I wanted to originally for this release, but it will be coming soon once I work out the compile errors. I added a changelog below, and the links for download to the right. Enj0y!

+Recompiled vent again, with a new GUI. It's a bit different then older versions, check it out.
+Changed out old right click menu's to include server/channel administrator access.
+Added Ping display on the bottom right hand side. *Noted bug, horizontal resize causes overlay.
+ Fixed right click menu to also include an enter comment link.
+ Included the old Winamp/Windows Media Player/iTunes Integration per your request!
+ Had issues with the User Editor? I replaced it with the original one for now, until I can sort through the bugs.
+ Also reverted to the old Chat setup, a few people reported issues with the x32 version? Should work again! :]
+ Now with 3419 UNIQUE Downloads, Thank you for your support!

hLVENT Build V1.0.3
Download x32 | Download x64

07/30/09 :: Relatively SMALL Update... but fixed some of those pesky bugs that you lovely people found for me! I hope you like the new release, as well as enjoy all the newly compiled icons from within ventrilo! Please email me @ Jeremy@ROCKDOWN.net if you have any questions or concerns (IE, don't flood my facebook and else listed below please!) Thanks again for all the support! Here's our change log for the 1.0.3 build. Looking forward to a REALLY amazing 1.0.4 release.

+Recompiled both the x32/x64 bit versions, fixing the icon related problems after last release.
+Changed menus and about dialogs to reflect correct version and system running the client.
+Ah, such a beautiful Tray Icon/Vent Dock Icon!
+ Fixed the bug caused by the decompile of x64 to build x32 in last build, switching channels now works :)!
+ Included sound files in both archives up for download, to prevent those who install to have vent sounds!
+ Now with 2639 UNIQUE Downloads, Thank you for your support!

hLVENT Build V1.0.2
Download x32 | Download x64

07/29/09 :: Huge turn of events, and support for the modification has forced me into giving you all an x32 bit version for this modification! So here's that build, newer builds will be soon relea sed with bug fixed that were found during this build (switching channels breaks icon, some sound issues...) Please let me know if you find anything strange in this application modification! And again, thank YOU Lovely people for this support!

+ x32 Bit RELEASED! Download it now, check her out! She's quite beautiful, if I may say so myself!
+ Fixed icons from being underscaled within higher resolutions... should look goooooooooooooood!
+ Changed out all right click menu's! Right clicking now comes with ease.

hLVENT Build V1.0.1
( Download x64 )

07/01/09 :: The build that started it all.

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